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Rainbow Over Camp

Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Information
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Native American Spirituality


"We Are All Related"

Painting: When We Dance The Spirits Dance by
L David Evening Thunder

When We Dance,
the Spirits Dance

L David Evening Thunder


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This page is presented by Star Spider Dancing. The name Star Spider Dancing was gifted to me a few years ago by my Cherokee friend, Teacher, and Elder, -- for my 61st birthday. I do not ordinarily use this name, but the Web seemed a proper place for it.
I will be adding information; please check back often. 6/21/02 - I am still occasionally adding information!

I am a product of the American melting pot. My father was part Blackfoot. He was from Canada. My mother's family were early settlers in southern Ohio, and later moved to where I was raised, in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, at the head of the Mojave River. This small mountain village is now under the lake formed by the Mojave River dam. From my father and grandfather and others, I learned much about all our relations (plants, animals, birds, stones, etc) in the immediate area. But I actually came to the Red Path, and knowledge of my Native ancestors way of life, Native crafts, and most important Spirituality in 1992.
On this page I hope to present information on various facets of our ancestors lives and beliefs. Also current happenings with those of us who are of mixed heritage (please see the Links section below), and my great love: the Sun Bear Medicine Wheel.

(Notation: 12/22/98)
The Medicine Wheel background on this page is original made by Joanie, at my request. I sent her the picture of the Wheel, which was scanned from a newsletter clipping. I described the small "rainbow" picture I wanted for the top of this page to Joanie. She then created it for me, also the buttons seen on this page.
The "dancer in the necklace" used with the counter was a black and white picture clipped from a newsletter (paper). I asked my daughter to color it for me, and make a gif for the counter on this page. My brother then made the background for my Guestbook from that gif. Beautiful isn't it?


My Understandings About Native American Spirituality

Native Way of Life

      Each morning upon arising and each evening before sleeping, 
      give thanks for the life within you and for all life
      Treat every person with respect.
      Special respect should be given to 
                              elders, parents, and teachers.
      Never speak unkindly to another person.
      Touch nothing that belongs to another.
      Respect the privacy of everyone.
      Never walk between people when they are conversing.
      Never interrupt people who are conversing,
      Speak in a quiet voice.
      Never speak unless invited to do so.
      Do not speak of others in a negative way.
      Treat the Earth as your Mother.
      Respect the beliefs of others. 
      Listen with courtesy when others speak.
      Respect the wisdom of people in council.
                           from Sacred Earth News

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Spirituality: There are many things I want to say; am not sure where to start. Our ancestors did not have a religion, they had a Way of Life. A Way that kept one constantly aware of the sacredness and oneness of all Life. They understood that all things come from Creator, are one with Creator, that Creation and Creator are ONE. One can say that Creator is Life, Love, Intelligence, and since all are of Creator, all things have Life, Love, Intelligence - Spirit. All things, from the farthest Star, to the smallest grain of Sand.

On arising in the morning, you faced the East, and thanked Creator for the new day and for the warmth and light of "Father Sun"; you honored Father Sun for the job he was doing, as assigned by Creator, the source of All. You also honored the Spirit of the East, in charge of helping with new beginnings like the day, among other things. You emerged from a circular structure (most traditions, not all) which also faced the East. As you ate your first meal of the day, you thanked Creator for Mother Earth who nurtured and sustained all that you had, from your food, to your clothes, to your dwelling; and you thanked Mother Earth for her part in this Cycle of Life. When the food had been harvested, the workers had prayed, thanking Creator, Mother Earth, and the Spirits of the plants. A gift had been left in return for this bounty. If there was meat, the hunter had prayed that the animal who was to offer themselves for survival and health of the family show itself, and the hunter asked before killing for permission to do so. When you took any thing for your use, Standing People (Trees) for lodgepoles, or watercraft, or tools, you first asked permission, and gave a gift in return, as well as a prayer of thanks. Many tasks had rites, or ceremonies, as part of the task. These too were ways of thanking the rest of Creation for their gifts to the Two-legged Family. When making anything, be it a dreamcatcher, a dress, a home, you continually asked for the guidance and assistance of the spirits of the materials and thanked Creator for them. It was a given, that the spirits were part of Creator and Creator's messengers, and there to help. You need only ask.

The whole Way of Life reminds me of the Catholic Saint I read about who offered everything she did to the Lord, and thanked him, from scrubbing a floor to arranging flowers. I think her name was Theresa, but am not sure. (A visitor sent email confirming it was Ste. Theresa. Thank you.) That is the way our ancestors here on Turtle Island lived, is it not? I believe that at one time Two-leggeds all around Mother Earth had this Knowledge and lived in closeness to All Our Relations, thus with Creator. But by the time the Europeans came here to Turtle Island, they had lost this Knowledge and no longer lived in Harmony. They did not even understand what Jesus taught, although they thought they did. So because they did not understand that the Creation and Creator (God) are one, they thought we were "heathen". But I think it is they who really were. The Natives of Turtle Island had (have) a very advanced Philosophy and Spirituality, and lived it every hour of each day (most did, there are always exceptions in all Creation); many still do. And Creator is Creator, the Great Mystery, whether called God, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Dios, Dineh, or whatever. "A rose by any other name smells the same."

For more information on Native American culture, history, current issues and causes, current events, and Pow Wow schedules, please see the Links in the various categories of Native American Cultures. This is the "more information" I once promised my readers in a paragraph here. :o)

MEDICINE: Just a word about "Medicine" as used in translation from Native words. I have this theory that when the Europeans came and the Natives saw them give what the Europeans called medicine to sick people, the Natives of Turtle Island did not understand that this medicine was only for the physical body. The Native Peoples saw a being as a Whole person: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical all one. Their equivalent of "doctors" were also usually Spiritual Leaders, and they treated the Whole Person. "Medicine" in Native thought means "sacred", "power", "healing"-- that is as near as I can explain in words what I understand in heart, mind and spirit. Each Being has his/her own "Medicine". Objects can be "Medicine" for a Being. Some things are "Medicine" for emotions, or spirit, or mind, or body; some for all four. Herbs too are "Medicine", as well as modern medicines. And some of those might be "Medicine" too.

MEDICINE WHEEL: A basic Medicine Wheel is a Circle, with something to indicate the four Cardinal Directions. This can be four different colors for the four quarters of the Circle, or a + in the center of the Circle. Medicine Wheels can be drawn or painted anywhere, or made of natural materials, (today some are even made of unnatural materials). A Circle is Circle of Life, Eternity, Universe, (therefore Creator) and much more, layers on layers of symbology. Colors indicating the Directions also have meanings. So does the + .
But the most widely recognized Medicine Wheels are made with Stone People. Some are large and some are small. All are very Sacred and are considered to be sources of Healing on all levels of Being, and places of prayer and meditation. This is also true of drawn or painted Wheels, and those made from any material.

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Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Information

Arrow NOTE: please know that this Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe), but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather, Creator, God (or whatever name is good for you).

Sun Bear had a vision of bringing all people into Harmony with each other and with All Our Relations on Mother Earth. He was given a special Medicine Wheel and much ancient Medicine Wheel knowledge for this purpose. Learning, working with and meditating with this Medicine Wheel has accomplished this for many people and I hope it will help to bring you to a closer connection with All Our Relations, and with the Father of all fathers, our Creator. There are 36 Stones in this Wheel. The first one is in the very center, to represent Creator and in honor of Creator.


Please look at the Stone Medicine Wheel in the border to the left. Can you see that there are SEVEN Stones in that inner Circle around the central Stone for Creator??
There are SEVEN pages, for these seven Center Circle Stones: Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Thunderbird, Turtle, Butterfly, and Frog.
Start with:  In The Beginning (click here) , the page for the Central Stone (for Creator) and "travel" the Wheel (by clicking on "Next" on each page) just as if you were walking around it to each Stone, to learn from the Spirits who are honored and represented by that Stone. We only go forward around the Wheel. You can "travel" the complete Wheel going forward, go to the Diagram of Wheel page, or return to this Main page.

The next four Stones after these Inner Circle seven are the Spirit Keeper of the directions Stones; one at each of the four cardinal directions: Wabun of the East, Shawnodese of the South, Mudjekeewis of the West, and Waboose of the North. These names (variable spellings) have been known here on Turtle Island for who knows how long a time; very ancient. Please see Ch. II - Four Winds, part of a longer poem published in 1855, based on American Indian legends.

There are three Moons in each direction quadrant of the Wheel, under the guidance and influence of the Spirit Keeper for that direction. Each one also has its own "totems", whose spirits will assist as you walk your Circle of Life, if you let them. Please click on a Moon Name below to find out more about your totems and what they can teach you. You will also discover a picture of a beautiful painting representing that Moon: -- kindly supplied by The Bear Tribe Medicine Society, established by Sun Bear to spread knowledge of the Medicine Wheel.
[Sun Bear's Unofficial Home Page]

The beautiful paintings and poetry are worth the trip to the Moon pages.
7/23/2000: Plant and Mineral images are now on all 36 Sun Bear Medicine Wheel pages.

Ducks Fly Moon

September 23 - October 23
Spirit Keeper: Mudjekeewis (West)
Totems: - Raven -- Mullein -- Jaspar
Clan: Butterfly (Air) ---- Color: Brown

Budding Trees Moon: Mar 21 - Apr 19 Frogs Return Moon: Apr 20 - May 20
Cornplanting Moon: May 21 - June 20 Strong Sun Moon: June 21 - July 22
Ripe Berries Moon: July 23 - Aug.22 Harvest Moon: Aug.23 - Sept.22
Ducks Fly Moon: Sept.23 - Oct.23 Freeze Up Moon: Oct.24 - Nov.21
Long Snows Moon: Nov.22 - Dec.21 Earth Renewal Moon: Dec 22 - Jan 19
Rest & Cleansing Moon: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Big Winds Moon: Feb. 19 - Mar. 20

Click here for a Diagram of the Sun Bear Medicne Wheel.

7/23/2000: Plant and Mineral images (for the Totems) are now on
all Sun Bear Medicine Wheel pages.

A special thanks to my two research assistants, Pam Barbour (Snowbird, a Texas Tsalagi)
and Lu Magnuson who located most of the plant and mineral images for me.

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NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.
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New Information by Al Staunton, Adelaide, Australia

"After reading Earth Astrology I realized that it being based on the seasons of the northern hemisphere and myself being born and living in the southern hemisphere, it needed to be adapted to bring it into alignment with our southern seasons. This is my interpretation of Earth Astrology adapted for the southern hemisphere. For myself it certainly became more relevant once I made the adjustment and checked it against my birth date. Use the adjusted chart in conjuction with the book and you to will find that it will work for you."    Click Here for Al's Medicine Wheel page.


Added on June 29, 2003.
Mystic Passage

Please be sure to visit Mystic Passage,
by Capri Angel and Wizard-of-Dos

  • Special "Star Spider Dancing Images" by Brighteyes Graphics. These gifts were just too beautiful to keep to myself!

  • Sun Bear's Vision from Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind.

  • West Winds/Wind Daughter sponsors Women's Gatherings.   2003 Agenda
    Wind Daughter is also the current Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society.
    Contact Information

    Personal Note: I attended the October, 1999 Women's Gathering in Florida sponsored by West Winds. We all had an absolutely wonderful time, as well as a deeply spiritual experience connecting with each other, all our relations, and our ancestors. Wind Daughter radiates love and has a true talent for facilitating these kind of experiences. We talked and laughed and prayed and sang and danced; and were reluctant to leave and return to the mundane world. (Page designed by Star Spider Dancing)

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  • Native American Cultures: Almost 400 links organized into 28 categories and some relevant articles. Check out the Library annotations for the categories. This site is what is called a "gateway" - links to other sites.

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Winter/Spring 2003 Newsletter from Wind Daughter

Essays about Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies

Of Historical Interest:

GREAT PHOTOS of the year 2000 NC Medicine Wheel Gathering!

SCREENSAVER of the year 2000 NC Medicine Wheel Gathering Photos!

  • SEPTEMBER 10-15, 2000 VISION QUEST   with Bear Heart  in Old Fort, NC



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