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The Long Snows Moon

November 22 - December 21

The Teacher
Long Snows Moon Images

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This is the third moon of Mudjekeewis, Spirit-Keeper of the West, Father of the Winds.The stone honoring this time is placed just before the Northen stone in the outer circle of the Wheel The mineral totem is Obsidian, the plant is the Black Spruce Tree, and the animal is magnificent Elk. The color is black and the Thunderbird Clan is the direct elemental (fire) influence. This is the third moon of Mudjekewis, the time when autumns gentle and changeable weather begins to hint more and more of the uncompromising winter fast approaching. People born under this moon, or experiencing its influence, are concerned with the welfare of others, and with doing their part to make it a just world. They are insightful people who, in times of self-clarity, can reflect to others what those otheres need to see. Elk people love to teach anything they have learned to anyone who will listen. If they are sensitive to others they can become master teachers in any field. Elk poeple have a dramatic flair, and a good business sense that contributes to their teaching ability. They need to curb their competiitiveness, and to be tactful in order to be all they can be. Text by Wabun Wind


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In the time of mystery before things are known,
Look deep in yourself for the answers you own.
Speak now of justice and look to the heart;
Introspection, Clairvoyance, both have a part.
Up to the high country your journey will take you,
Follow your insight, see what it will make you.
Come back to us Elk, you proud, royal Being,
Teach us the Spiritual gifts you are seeing.
It is down in the valley where Harmony lives
And there where your grounded the Elk person gives
Deep loving energies flow bright in your soul;
In this is the giving that keeps us all whole.

1998 Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Black Spruce limb w/cones from 
Biology 130 Plant ID
Univ of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Black Spruce branch with cones

At "Flora, fauna, earth, and sky...The natural history of the northwoods" there is an image of a gorgeous Black Spruce Tree - Picea mariana. This page also has very interesting information on the habitat and growth, how to identify, how the cones differ from other spruce, why they survive fires, etc.


Apache Tears -
Rough Rock category Snowflake Obsidian -  
Tumbled Stones category
Apache Tears
Snowflake Obsidian
Both of the above photos are from Multistone International Inc.
They have a really neat Mascot

Apache Tears are a natural Obsidian Stone that come from within Mother Earth just as you see them above. Snowflake Obsidian is also good to use for Elk qualities or the Long Snows Moon position. It is usually tumbled to polish, as seen here. There are other forms of Obsidian, glassy chunks, etc., but the above two are preferred by many people for small medicine wheels or to carry as totems. For more information on this Stone please see Obsidian at

"Obsidian has the power to ground one to Earth energies, and teaches one how to respect and use this energy within oneself. Obsidian can also reflect the thoughts of another person, giving the one wearing it a kind of clairvoyance. It can also help one see the future and is a strong protective stone as well.


The Color of Deep Dark Night Sky

This is the Black of mystery, of formlessness from which anything can come. It holds both promise and threat. Having Black around you will help you look within, more deeply know yourself and life. Other keywords are surrender, intuition, and rebirth. Black is a Sacred color to many Native People.


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