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The Big Winds Moon

February 19 - March 20

The Mystic

Big Winds Moon Images

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The big Winds Moon is the last moon of Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North. The stone representing this moon is placed three-quarters of the way between North and East. The mineral totem for the Big Winds Moon is turquoise, the plant is the plantain, the animal is the cougar, the colors are blue and green, and the elemental clan influence is that of the Frog clan.
Turquoise can teach people in this position about the real meaning of value and about protection. The plantain can teach them about their healing abilities, and the cougar can teach them about mystery and the need to establish safe territory. The Big Winds Moon can help you discover your own natural medicine power and the depth of your psychic abilities. In this position you will learn about your deep sensitivity, your yearning for spirituality, your hesitation to express your true feelings, and your need for grounding on the earth. People experiencing the Big Winds Moon can be prone to moodiness and to melancholy. They need to learn to temper their sensitivity and to have a greater sense of reality.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind,  Dancing with The Wheel



Cat of woods and mountain heights;
Soul seeker and quiet shadow walker,
Silent and lonely is your hunt.
What is your prey, oh, spirit stalker?
Ghost Cougar, was it you who led
Me to the high and sacred places?
I felt your presence pass me by
But you left no Cougar traces.

I saw you sleeping on your ledge,
What were you dreaming Tawny one,
Were you in other realms of mind
As you were resting in the Sun?
Will you teach me Cougar dreams,
And will you show those realms to me?
I want to search out higher ways,
So set my hunting spirit free.

July 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Plantain, Plantago spp., 
Biology 130 Plant ID,
Plantain, Plantago spp. - Biology 130 Plant ID
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Plantain is the common name of any of various plants of the genus Plantago. They produce dense spikes of small greenish flowers and are native to temperate zones. You will find it growing in meadows and lawns.
There is excellent information about Plantain's physical characteristics, edible uses, medicinal uses; also propagation and cultivation details on Plantago major. This page is in Plants For A Future. I just found this resource. Their Database, with Search, has "7000 useful plants."
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Here is a link to another image of a Plantain plant in flower, growing as a lawn weed in Ohio. That photo is by Hugh Wilson.
Do not confuse Plantain (Plantago major), with the large, tropical, treelike herb (Musa paradisiaca) of southeast Asia, also called 'plantain', which resembles the banana and produces similar fruit.


Turquoise chunks
Sleeping Beauty Mining, Inc.
200 N. Willow St. in Globe, AZ Turquoise flats
Sleeping Beauty Mining, Inc.
200 N. Willow St. in Globe, AZ Turquoise nuggets
Sleeping Beauty Mining, Inc.
200 N. Willow St. in Globe, AZ
Turquoise images 1997 Sleeping Beauty Mining, Inc. All rights reserved.
Turquoise from Sleeping Beauty Mountain, at Globe, Arizona.

Sleeping Beauty Mining has been supplying Turquoise to jewelers for more than a dozen years. Since 1997 it has also been available to the public. They also operate "True Blue Jewelry and Gift Shop" with online ordering. The jewelry offered is absolutely fabulous, from the reasonable to the expensive. I give them this 'plug' because I think their turquoise is special, as well as reasonably priced for the quality. And, no, I do not receive a commission. It is just that some who visit my pages may be looking for a good source of beautiful turquoise and I wanted to share this find. Click on any image above or the text link under the images to access their homepage.
Here is a photo of a Navajo woman wearing traditional Turquoise jewelry.
The Mineral Turquoise at is a good source of more technical information on Turquoise: properties, types, places found, etc.

Many Native people believe that Turquoise will protect the wearer from injury and danger. It was used on shields to ward off weapons. Turquoise has been widely used in Sacred ceremonies, and has also been used in rainmaking ceremonies. It is carved into fetishes and artistic works. Navajo Turquoise jewelry is famous the world over. This stone strengthens natural healing abilities, and is a great aid in healing as well. Because this stone creates natural medicine that helps one understand the mysteries of life and the universe, it is a good stone for preventive healing. Understanding assists one avoid the perils of disease.


The Color Turquoise
Sky Blue/Green

"The blue of Turquoise is a sky blue, similar to the sky blue representing Father Sun. This blue can indicate either idealistic, selfless, artistic, and spiritual feelings or melancholy feelings and self-imposed struggles. The green of Turquoise helps to balance these two tendencies with the serenity of a true connection with nature. Having the color Turquoise around you helps to strengthen any latent artistic or healing abilities. It also helps you to feel the connection you have between the Sky and the Earth." (Dancing With The Wheel, page203)


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