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The Strong Sun Moon

June 21 - July 22

The Homemaker

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The Strong Sun Moon is the first moon of Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South, and occurs at the time of the summer solstice. The Stone honoring this position is placed one-quarter of the way between the southern and western Stones of the Medicine Wheel. The mineral totem for the Strong Sun Moon is Carnelian Agate, the plant is the Wild Rose, and the animal is Flicker. The color is pink, and the elemental influence is from the Frog clan (water).
From the Carnelian, people experiencing this position can learn about their strong heart connection; from the Rose, about their ability both to heal and to inspire; and from Flicker, about their desire for self-expression. The Strong Sun Moon teaches about the importance of the emotions and the need for a strong home base. People experiencing the energy of this position are intuitive and wild in some aspects of being, but conservative and home loving in others. The Strong Sun Moon will educate you about the law of relationship and about family, mothering, and nurturing. While working with Flicker you must guard against wallowing in all your emotions and about fearing to take any stand.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing With The Wheel



You are happiness on rosy wing,
Loving everyone and thing,
Flying freely thru the air,
Living life with giving care.
You often bring me heart's deep ease
Before my worldly woes can seize
All of my joyful energy
You lift me up and set me free.
Let me in your heart to hear
The Song of Spirit living there;
Drumbeat of our Mother Earth,
She who labors for our Birth.
Help me to better my condition
Gift me with your Intuition.
May life in me flow deeper, quicker,
Like yours, my trusting, loving Flicker.

August 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Wild Rose photo from 
Paula Giese 'Native Foods' section
Wild Rose

Please click on the Wild Rose image for an excellent article on the food and medicinal uses of this plant relation, including preparation tips. We are really missing out on a wonderful source of Vitamin C as well as other food value by not appreciating this gift of Creator.
You can also check "Flora, fauna, earth, and sky...The natural history of the northwoods". They have very interesting information on the habitat and growth of Wild Rose, how to identify, what other plant friends grow in the same area, etc.


Red Carnelian,
Cabochon Carnelian - 
Multistone International Inc.
Tumbled Stones category
Cut & Polished Carnelian
Copyright Hershel Friedman
Tumbled Carnelian
Copyright Multistone Intl Inc.

Carnelian is a reddish, transparent to translucent variety of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. For more mineral information, see Chalcedony at Multistone Intl. has a photo of dark natural orange translucent nodules of carnelian, 1-2 inch size, uncut and unpolished - as they come from Mother Earth. See the Carnelian page at Gemhut for more images of "cabochons" ready to use for jewelry. Close the new window that comes up for a page, to continue with these "Moon" pages.

"Carnelian is a gift of the heart that represents love." Carnelian is good for nourishing a healthy heart and for "opening emotional centers." Some say that if you can put Carnelian on a string or thong and suspend it like a pendulum over a wound, that it will ease bleeding and begin healing processes.


The Color of Pink Roses

The color Pink is good for all healing. Pink represents unconditional love, and is good for healthy relationships. It can help you with healing your inner child. This is a pink of little girls and will enable you to understand areas of feeling where you need to mature, if you meditate with it and ask your helpers for guidance.


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NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.

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