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The Harvest Moon

August 23 - September 22

The Analyst
Harvest Moon Images
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The Harvest Moon is the last moon of Shawnodese of the South. The Stone Honoring this position is placed three-quarters of the way between the Southern and Western Stones. The mineral totem for this position is the Amethyst, the plant totem is the Violet, and the animal totem is the Brown Bear. The color is purple and the elemental influence comes from the Turtle clan.
The Amethyst can teach people experiencing this moon about good judgement and justice; the Violet, about their ability to penetrate to secret regions of the heart and soul; and the Brown Bear about their capacity for creative curiosity. The Harvest Moon teaches about discrimination, fair decisions, good sense, perseverance, confidence, and the ability to analyze. The energy of this position is one of balance, rationality, and practicality. This is the place on the Wheel that will help you truly understand the concepts of work and duty. In the Brown Bear place you need to guard against being overly critical of others, or cynical about life.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing with The Wheel


Brown Bear

I found tracks by the Tree where the Bees make their home.
What words have you brought from the worlds you roam?
Spirit and Earth, both welcome Brown Bear,
For your justice and courage and will to be fair.
You teach us balance both inside and out.
Good judgment is yours, and freedom from doubt.

I saw where you rolled that old log away,
Consuming the Grubs of my fears where it lay.
Down to Earth concepts you value, Brown Bear,
To organize living with neatness and care.
Protect me from reaching for harmful extremes,
For you are my Mentor in all of these things.

July 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Wild Blue Violet from 
'Wild and Cultivated Flowers' 
by Maidenfaire
Wild Purple Violets 
from Garden Guides
Woolly Blue Violet (Violaceae sororia)
2000 by Maiden Fair - Garden Girl
Purple Violets
2000 by Garden Guides

To learn more about Violets please go to 'Wild and Cultivated Flowers'.  For everything (almost) you ever wanted to know about Violets see The American Violet Society. Check out their Violets in America pages, and Traditions/Violets In History. This is not Native American information, but is quite interesting. These pages will come up in new windows, which you can close and easily return to your travels around the Medicine Wheel.


Amethyst photo copyright Amethyst photo copyright Amethyst photo copyright


To read about each type of Amethyst pictured above, click on one of the images. For a good article on Amethyst, a "purple variety of quartz," that even us laymen can understand, see AMETHYST, a gemstone variety of quartz. Each of these pages will open in a new window - close it to go to the next or to continue with the Wheel pages.

Amethyst synbolizes good judgement, justice, and courage. It is a stone tht soothes, purifies, and teaches discrimination. Amethyst protects against lightening, hailstorms, and drunkeness. It helps one achieve spiritual attunement, and a good balance between the energies of the physical and spiritual levels.


The Color of Forest Violets
& Deep Amethyst Crystals

"This Purple is the color of ceremony, ritual, spiritual insight, idealism, and love of humanity. Although Purple is also a color of wisdom, it can be employed in either a positive or negative manner. Wearing purple or using it in your surroundings will inspire you, bring spiritual insights, and make you look closely at how you are using your power.


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NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.

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