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The Ducks Fly Moon

September 23 - October 23

The Negotiator
Ducks Fly Images

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 This is the first moon of Mudjekeewis, Spirit-Keeper of the West, Father of the Winds.  The animal of this time is the talkative, social, trickster bird, the Raven; the plant is the mullein; the mineral is bloodstone jasper; the color, brown; the element, air (the Butterfly Clan).  People born under this moon, or experiencing its influence, seek to deeply understand the concept of balance in all aspects of life.  They will sometimes go to extremes in order to find the mid-point of balance, occasionally confusing others who don't have the Raven's ability to change their minds quickly and easily.  Raven people are great communicators, who enjoy conversation for it's own sake.  They are comfortable in most situations, and can help other people to feel that way also.  They need to temper their changeability, and to remember to make important decisions in a timely and decisive manner.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing with The Wheel



Black wings flapping, riding the wind;
Concern for my welfare brought you friend.
How did you know of my need, Raven?

Sharp eyes see my hidden things,
Loving kindness bears up your wings.
Did psychic power bid you speed, Raven?

Earth and Sky each joined in you,
Mingling man and nature too.
Is it Paradox you are showing me, Raven?

You find the good and bad in me,
But never falter with your loyalty.
I thank you for knowing me Raven?

© July 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Mullein  (Verbascum thapsus)
© 1998 Province of 
British Columbia, Ministry of 
Agriculture and Food
Medicinal plants 
cultivated by 
Louis Hébert 
(ca. 1575 - 1627)
Mullein, (Verbascum thapsus)
Flower stalk

There are a couple more photos and a little information about the plant Mullein, considered a "weed" by some, on the BC, Canada, Ministry of Agriculture and Food page - click on the image on left, above.
Mullein is a wonderful medicinal plant, mostly unappreciated today. I found the flower stalk on a page of "Medicinal plants cultivated by Louis Hébert (ca. 1575 - 1627)". The link to "Micmac Indians" on that page does not work, but I found The Mi'kmaq in English and in French in that domain. This is an interesting Info Sheet about the First Nations People of Nova Scotia, by the Nova Scotia Museum.


Bloodstone Jasper 
from Biggs Jaspar from
Bloodstone Jaspar
Biggs Jasper
©   Spheres To You

Jasper comes in many beautiful color combinations. Spheres To You has some really exquisite examples on their Jasper Spheres page - click on the Biggs Jasper sphere above. As usual, all the linked pages come up in a new window which can be closed to continue here.

The following information is from the Quartz page at

  • Bloodstone : Also known as heliotrope or plasma, is an opaque green chalcedony with red iron oxide inclusions that resemble blood.
  • Chalcedony: the general term used to describe the fibrous variety of cryptocrystalline quartz.
  • Cryptocrystalline: masses made up of either fibrous or granular aggregates of quartz. Both are tough and compact, and take a good polish when cabbed.

    Bloodstone Jasper provides a positive grounding force, and helps to bring one into harmony with Mother Earth's energies. Many believe that Jasper will stop bleeding, draw poison from a snake bite, restore lost eyesight, make its owner invisible, bring a long, safe, life, and bring rain if placed in water. A powerful Stone indeed if all this is true!


    The Brown of Earth in Autumn

    This Brown has many shades, encouraging Earth awareness and environmental consciousness. Using this Earth Brown helps with stability and staying grounded. When properly grounded you can safely reach to realms beyond.


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