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The Freeze Up Moon

October 24 - November 21

The Prophet
Freeze Up Moon Images

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This is the second moon of Mudjekeewis, Spirit-Keeper of the West, Father of the Winds.The stone honoring this time is placed midway between the Western and Northen stones in the outer circle of the Wheel The mineral totems are copper and malachite, the plant is thistle, and the animal is Snake. The color is orange and the Frog Clan is the direct elemental (water) influence.
Copper teaches people experiencing the Freeze Up Moon about how to focus their energies and malachite teaches them to be more sensitive to all energies. The thistle demonstrates healing ablilities and versatility. The Snake teaches adaptability and the capacity to silently travel to places others might fear to go. This is the position to learn how to travel between the different realms of creation and how to become a messenger for the spiritual aspects of life. The Snake position will teach you about the extent of your own energy, your ability to create change, your inquisitiveness, your desire for truth, and your keen sight. When working with the Freeze Up Moon you must be careful to keep yourself grounded and not to become too suspicious of people.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing with The Wheel



Mysterious secretive Medicine Being
Teach me and bring me Balance and Healing;
Transmute my body without and within,
Speak to the Spirit that lives in my skin.
When that skin needs shedding give me rebirth;
Help me to send my roots deep in the Earth.
Each life has a purpose to mold and to make;
We all need the gift of our Brother, the Snake.

July 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Thistle, Cirsium spp. 
 Biology 130 Plant ID,
Thistle, Cirsium spp. - Biology 130 Plant ID
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

The name Thistle is used for any of numerous prickly plants, mainly in the genera Cirsium, of the family Compositae. They have spiny leaves and branches, and variously colored flower heads surrounded by prickly bracts. The common, plumed, or bull thistle bears purple flowers; the Canada thistle bears small lilac or white flowers. [Note: The links in the previous sentence go to plant info pages in Plants For A Future: Database Search; family Compositae is flowering plants having a flower head made up of many small flowers looking like a single flower, like Sunflower and Dandelion, as well as Thistle.]
Click on the Thistle image above for two more identifying photos.
Here is a page with a beautiful photo that describes Wavyleaf Thistle (Cirsium undulatum).

"All parts of the Thistle are rich in minerals. The young stem or root can be peeled, eaten raw or cooked; the fruitlike seeds eaten raw or roasted. Thistle is good for curing stomach and digestive problems, reducing fever, expelling worms, increasing milk in nursing mothers, and can strengthen interal organs. Because it can increase alertness and help the brain function with more activity, Thistle can aid one in understanding and working with different levels of reality." (from Dancing With The Wheel, page 156)


Banded Malachite
This beautiful banded Malachite photo is Copyright

For more information about the mineral, malachite, please visit and Malachite at
Those two pages cover anything that could be written here. :o)

Malachite enhances your ability to receive all kinds of subtle energy, and helps psychic powers. It increases one's sensitivity in hearing the voice of Spirit.
Copper discourages weakness, and brings strength, balance and helps one to understand energy. If worn as an anklet or a bracelet, it can help arthritis, rheumatism, and stiff joints.


Clear Sunset or
Ripe Pumpkin Orange

Using this Orange around you will invigorate your intellect, and increase both your vitality and your self-control. It can thus help you to better observe life and use the information learned for the good of yourself and others. This Orange can also represent a proud and ambitious person.


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