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The Budding Trees Moon

March 21 - April 19

The Pioneer

Budding Trees Moon Images
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The Budding Trees Moon is the first moon of Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the east and occurs at the time of the spring equinox. The stone for this moon is placed one-quarter of the way between Eastern and Southern Stones in the outer circle. The mineral totem for the Budding Trees Moon is the Fire Opal, the plant is the Dandelion, and the animal is the Red-tailed Hawk. The color is yellow. This position is directly influenced by the Thunderbird clan.
The Fire Opal can teach people in this position about the need for Water--the emotions--in tempering their fiery energy. The Dandelion can show them the advantages of taking root as well as flying. The Red Hawk can demonstrate the joy of freedom and of a long, clear view. The Budding trees Moon will teach you about energy, intensity, catalyzing change, fearlessness, and optimism. Being in this position will show you your leadership ability, the enormity of our own spirit, and the extent of your clear-sightedness. People experiencing the Budding Trees Moon need to learn to channel their energies, contain their tempers, and be more patient with others.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind,  Dancing with The Wheel

( I know this yellow is a little hard on the eyes. But it is the color for this Moon. I tried a lighter, and a little darker, but they were worse.)


Red Hawk

This one takes our prayers upward.
He is the Red Hawk, our brother.
His wings push the wind.
He will teach us to hover.
This one can see from the heights.
He is Red Hawk, our wise one.
Strong and sure he is,
In his flight to the sun.
This one talks to our Father, the Sun.
He is Red Hawk, wind rider.
He teaches us to see clearly
And to stretch our wings wider.

1994 - 2000 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Dandelion from 'Wild and Cultivated Flowers' by Maidenfaire     Dandelion Puff from 'Wild and 
Cultivated Flowers' by Maidenfaire
2000 by Maiden Fair - Garden Girl

Isn't the Plant Spirit for Budding Trees Moon beautiful? And do you remember how you used to blow the "puff" into the wind as you made a wish, watching the little seeds dance away on their delicate parachutes?
Dandelion is not only beautiful, but useful. The tender greens in the spring are great in salads. Our Native ancestors used the greens as a remedy for excema or hives - a blood cleanser; for cancer - malignant skin tumors; as an atiseptic, and to increase blood circulation. They also used the boiled roots, as a tea, for rheumatism, liver and spleen ailments, gall bladder, hepatitis (a liver disease), and headaches.
To learn more about the plant Dandelion please go to 'Wild and Cultivated Flowers'. This will come up in a new window, which you can close and easily return to your travels around the Medicine Wheel.


Beautiful Mexican Fire Opal, 
natural, uncut, from
Beautiful Mexican Fire Opal
Copyright Hershel Friedman
Faceted 'cherry' and yellow 
Fire Opal by
Faceted Mexican Fire Opals

Fire Opal is Opal with a red to orange color, and even yellow. An orange shade, as in the image of an uncut specimen is the preferred color. As far as I can determine, all of this type of Opal now comes from Mexican locations. Some people call Opal that shows play of color Fire Opal, but the correct term for that Opal is Precious Opal. If a Fire Opal also shows play of color, it can properly be called Precious Fire Opal. For more information on Fire Opal click on the Hershel Friedman image above (left), or see Gem Gallery - Opal. Those pages will open in new windows. Each can be closed when you are done viewing them without losing this site.

This symbol of hope is also full of energy, and can teach you about using the fire of the life force. It can be useed to lighten feelings of fatique and lethargy. But you need to be careful, as Opal can augment negative as well as positive qualities within you, if not used properly.


Yellow the color of a Dandelion Flower in bloom is cheerful and encourages good nature, happiness and energy. Using this yellow on or around you will help you have a sharper mind, be more receptive to inspiration, and promote a sense of well-being.


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