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The Frogs Return Moon

April 20 - May 20

The Builder

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The frogs Return Moon is the second moon of Wabun of the East. The Stone for this Moon is placed midway between the Eastern and Southern Stones in the outer Circle of the Medicine Wheel. The mineral totem for this Moon is the Chrysocolla, the plant is the Blue Camas, and the animal is the Beaver. The color is blue and the elemental clan influence is the Turtle clan.
From the Chrysocolla, people in this position learn to balance the Earth and Sky within themselves; from the Blue Camas, to sustain themselves and others; from the Beaver, to make all environments as pleasant as possible. This is the position to explore when you wish to learn about stability, the value of hard work, luck, and your ability to create and maintain an orderly and beautiful environment. The Frogs Return Moon will teach you about perseverance, patience, stability, and practicality. People in this position need to guard against being too stubborn, overindulging, and holding back all their feelings.

Text by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind, Dancing with The Wheel



I was running over rapids, Beaver,
When you damned up my stream.
You made a still, deep place
For me to work and dream.
You gave me peace and harmony
And built my lodge in beauty.
You taught me patient perseverance,
Made me content in daily duty.

I was churning in white water, Beaver
I was almost sure to drown.
Your sturdy practicality
Has turned my life around.
You set my house in order
With your clever, tranquil ways
And brought me sweet contentment
To help me through my days.

August 1994 by Faye Clark Haynes - Rainbow in the West


Blue Camas (camassia quamash) photo from Garden Guides
Blue Camas

For excellent information about various kinds of Camassia and their cultivation and uses, please bring up Garden Guides - Camassia  This page will come up in a new window, which you can close when you are finished, and continue with these Sun Bear Wheel pages.


Chrysocolla - Morenci Mine, Arizona

Chrysocolla comes in various colors of blue, sometimes almost green. The color most sought after is the beautiful true blue. Chrysocolla is often found with Turquoise, and sometimes the two are even mixed together. For more technical information on this mineral click on the photo above.
For Spiritual purposes, for medicine bags, meditation, and to carry a reminder to learn to balance Earth and Sky within you, use small unpolished specimens of this mineral. Sometimes, though, the small polished pieces show beautiful designs and pictures that also assist one to honor the wonderful works of Creation.


The Color Blue

The brilliant blue of Camas Flower and Chrysocolla without impurities brings feelings of peace and happiness. Using this color in your home or attire will help you feel emotional contentment, harmony, and happiness with your life.


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