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Here you will learn by doing.
When you actually DO it you will be surprised how fast you catch on.
Here you will learn how to make Italic and Bold words or sentences, how to make a "Line" across a page like this

and how to write HTML to make a Link or to put an Image on your page. Just look at the HTML after you use the "Link" or "Graphic" button below.   See_Notes_Below_Builder for additional help with the Builder and other information on Links, Graphics, Background, plus.
You need to have Javascript and/or have Javascript enabled to use the HTML Builder. No Javascript?_Click Here

You can make a page below, view it, study the HTML, change it, view it again, as often as you want.

  1. Fill out the table with stuff you want to appear on your webpage.
  2. Try all the formatting buttons to see what they do.
  3. Click on Generate Source.
  4. Make adjustments if you want in the text area, which includes any graphics you coded for the page.
  5. If you make adjustments in the upper text area (just below the buttons), click on Generate Source again.
  6. You can type code in the lower window (the "generated source") as often as you want. You can type in the <center></center> tags (not included in Builder) or List tags (see A Beginner's Guide to HTML - link lower down).
  7. Click on View to check out your page each time you Generate Source or make changes in the lower window.
  8. If you want to save the source as a file you will have to copy and paste to Notepad or other text editor. You can then copy from Notepad to your Online Editor in AOL, ATT PWP, Tripod, etc., or any other Webpage space you may be using. Or upload as an index.html or othername.html file by FTP, once you learn how.

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NOTES: (03/03/03. Temporary note: a few links on some pages need changed or deleted. This will be done soon.)
PLEASE USE THE No Javascript?_Click Here LINKS. Netscape JavaScript Pop-up Windows do not show the complete page!!
Have placed some Graphics and Background images online and given the URL's for them, and additional information, in the Pop-up pages linked to below. Please use them to practice with the above HTML Builder.
LINK button:
This is self-explanatory. You will see when you use it. Examine the HTML when you have made a link. Links Information
GRAPHIC button:
See Graphics for a list of images you can use with the "Graphic" button, the correct URL for these, and other instructions.

How do I get a BACKGROUND on my page?
For this you need more information on Backgrounds and on the Opening <body> tag (included).

Color Chart 1
Shows the "hexadecimal" color codes for webpage background colors, different colored fonts, etc.

Color Chart 2
A different type of hexadecimal Color Chart,

The following pages come up in normal size Browser windows,
not the smaller Javascript windows as above.

Color Picker Body Tag Maker
A JAVASCRIPT HTML document that makes a Body Tag for you to copy and paste, after you choose the matching colors you desire. Really Neat! Check it out. See Example Page.   (There is a link to download the Color Picker Body Tag Maker to your own computer, on it's page, bottom left. It is a Zip file. After you unzip, Open the index.html file. I have a shortcut to the index.html on my Desktop. The other files in the folder are used by the index.html.)

Test Page
This is a page I made with the HTML Builder above. You can "View Source" and see the HTML as it was done by the Builder.

Where? do I put my page on the Web?
Webpage Hosting.

How? Where? do I write my HTML for a page?
HTML Editors - How to use.

How do I get my page "Up There"?
Uploading Files - How to do this.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML from NCSA

Template For Web Page

Template For Photo Pages

Table Help Page
Help for using Tables, including Tables for Border Backgrounds and Triple Backgrounds
PLEASE take our advice and learn basic HTML tags, including body tag "attributes", image and link tags, BEFORE you start learning about Tables. Build a couple simple but nice pages with backgrounds, paragraphs, a couple images, and a link or two first.
We know cause we "been there, done that"! :o)

  1. The HTML Builder above is all done with Javascript.
  2. If you do NOT have Javascript or if you have it disabled, here are links to the same Info-windows as given above, which include information you cannot learn from the HTML Builder without Javascript.
  3. These come up in a FULL SIZE browser window, not a small one like the Javascript windows.
  4. You can resize the new window yourself if you wish to keep it up to use with this page or the previous (main) page.

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